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LESSONS OCCUR ONCE A WEEK and are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. Students have the option to do computer lab for 30 minutes before or after their lesson time. These computer programs give the student extra drill on the rudiments of notation, theory, ear training and music history.

Studio recitals occur once a month on Saturday evening at 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00 pm. Not every student performs every month, but many perform several times during a semester. These recitals occur at the studio and involve 6 - 9 students. It is a good opportunity to try out new pieces before playing in front of an adjudicator for an audition or competition. This is a friendly and non-threatening audience of family and peers. We enjoy cookies, punch and each others company after each recital. Students may also perform a solo recital at the studio for up to an audience of 20 friends and family members. The instructor will provide printed programs and a reception following the recital.

Events - there are several events which are available to students throughout the the year. These include auditions (Hymn Playing Festival, Levels of Progress, City Wide Recitals, Guild auditions, & Jr. Festival) which are competitions against a standard. The student plays a prepared program for a judge and receives written comments and a certificate. There are competitions against other students (Honors Recital Auditions & State Auditions). Testing in theory, keyboard skills and sight reading are also available. These events can be tailored to the studentís abilities and wishes. Check the Fall & Winter Newsletters and the Studio Calendar for fees and registration deadlines.

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