Winsor Piano Studio: Policies

Lesson Time:
Please be prompt for your lesson time and parents, please promptly pick up your student at the end of the lesson time. Please bring all your books and notebook!
  • 30-minute lesson: $21.00.
  • 45-minute lesson: $32.00.
  • 60-minute lesson: $40.00.
All students need a well tuned piano. Tuning twice a year (minimum of once) is needed. If you only tune once a year, schedule it in the late fall once your house is closed up for the winter. Each student should have a metronome and a pocket music dictionary. Younger students benefit from a "piano" tote bag. It helps organization and protects music from the elements.
Students are encouraged to participate in as many of the available events as they wish. I ask that students try out repertoire in a studio recital before appearing before a judge in an audition or competition. The “battle” experience will make for a stronger performance the second time. Students are encouraged to participate in other performing opportunities (church, school, etc.) but I would like to know about it. That will allow for adequate preparation so the student can be successful.
Daily practice is necessary for steady progress. Students only need to practice the days they intend to eat! I realize this is not always possible so try for 5 days a week for the length of your lesson. I use assignment sheets which the student can mark each piece each day. This makes it easy to organize daily practice. Students may participate in the Practice Chart during Fall and Spring semesters. If they practice a minimum of 5 days each week, they will receive a trophy at the end of the semester.
Missed Lessons:
If a student gives me 24 hour notification of a missed lesson, I will either give the student a make up option or credit the student with 1 lesson for the next month. Without the 24 notice, a make up or credit will not be given. The only exceptions to this are illness (too sick to attend school) or inclement weather.
Termination of Lessons:
If a student decides to terminate lessons, there must be a one month notification prior to the date of termination.
Summer Lessons:
Students are encouraged to continue lessons during the summer months. Few demands are being made on the brain once school is out and these students usually make excellent progress. Please note any special interest you have for a summer project.

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